Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I make suggestions regarding new or different data sources?

If you have any comments regarding the data sources used, or any suggestions regarding the use of new data sources, you can contact us at

What does “Indicator status” mean?

For each indicator, its status is defined in one of the following four categories:

In the event of adding fresh information to the status of an indicator or to data collection, this will be highlighted in the header of the indicator page.

How often will the data be updated on the web?

It should be noted that the data sources that feed the indicators have very different origins, calendars and periodicities. The indicators are updated individually as new information becomes available.

What can be done to avoid the lack of data or the little disaggregation provided?

There are indicators that are available at national, regional, provincial or metropolitan level, but not at the level of the core city.

This implies continuing to work on the search or creation of new data sources to solve this problem.

How accessible is this website?

The intention is to make this website as accessible as possible to all users. Work is underway to pass the accessibility test of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

Which browsers can I use to visit this website?

Any of the latest versions of commonly used browsers can be used.

Can other cities copy this site?

Yes. This website has been built and hosted using 100% free software. Therefore, other cities can freely reuse its code. You can check out the highlights of the OpenSDG platform in the following Guide.The Center for Open Data Enterprise (CODE) also offers support tools for the development and promotion of open data applications.